I see dead people

So on this, our last full day in Paris, we thought we`d do something different and see a church. Montparnasse is a large hill overlooking Paris that is topped off with the city’s oldest church. It’s immense and ornate and probably the best kept in Paris. We take a tour of the area, on a mini […]

Feeling hunchback

The day began at the Marché Grenelle…a place where various vendors of fresh foods and various good meet under the train bridge on Grenelle street. Everything from fresh cream to cow`s ears are available here. We picked tshirts, Eiffel Tower keychains, veggies and fruits.  After a quick breakfast it`s off for a little Sunday stroll. […]

La Seine

On Monday we thought we`d hop on a boat near the Eiffel tower and tour Paris via the Seine. Of course, we picked the wrong boat line…this boat is glass covered and lets you get on or off at any of the 8 or 9 stations it has along the Seine. The first thing we […]

More old stuff

No, this post isn’t about me. Amazingly, the children aren’t tired of visiting old churches, bless them. St. Sulpice is kinda special because it sent a mission to Canada in the 1600s and was granted a Seigneurie the estended eastward from Montreal. Within that domain was an area called Lavaltrie and the parish of St. […]

Still hot

The heat wave continue unabated. Today, Friday, we’re expecting somewhere between 38 and 40. Our plan is to get to the subway early, enter the underground shopping concourse at the base of the Louvre and enter directly without going outside. I doubt the French do any usability testing on their signage because following the signs […]

Paris at its best

So when my sister said we just had to see the Opera House it was met with a tepid response…none of us being opera fans. We went anyway. And if we had worn socks that day they would have been blown off. What a remarkable building. The building, commissioned by Napoleon III, was designed by […]

Heat Wave

I guess we arrived just in time to witness the Great Paris Heat Wave of 2015. The thermometer has been gaining a few degrees every day since we got here…Tuesday was in the mid 30s, Wednesday in the upper 30s. Tuesday was spent on the top deck of various tour buses as we explored the inner parts […]

Jour 2

History is deeply woven into the intricate fabric of this country. As much as there is pomp and circumstance in its tales, there is cruelty and horror intermingled with the bravery and honour. Soldiers, for instance, still figure prominently in the forethoughts of the French. Citizens here who go about their business, stoic and perhaps […]

We made it!

So Air France is an interesting choice. The electronic booking was a breeze and they kept in touch throughout the pre-flight period…sent me e-boarding passed and various hints and tips for flying. I felt well-prepared when we got off the Air France bus in Montreal (it’s weird that we go to the rail station to take […]

New Adventure in 21 Days!

OK peeps! New Adventure coming up…this family is headed for France in 3 weeks! You know what that means? New blogs! Yippee! And pictures! Off to a good start! The lawn tractor is broke again (should I mention the brand? Hello, legal? ). So I’m standing in knee high grass as the neighbours circulate a […]