About what? Assuming you have a morbid curiosity about the author or the impetus to go public with such trivia, suffice it to say that I am a person of the male persuasion who, due to some pre-existing condition (mostly relating to being male) has this odd predilection toward doing stuff, like blogging, merely because it can be done, and is endowed with sufficient technical prowess to actually accomplish said technical feat.

In this space I will write, pontificate a bit, post some of my photos or muse about a subject that I fancy. I wear many hats so my palette is broad. I suffer fools gladly, so feel free to comment…

“Instipator” is a word my daughter, then 3,  invented to describe her 18 month old brother. Where this comes from, as with many things that stem from the mind of a young and somewhat precocious girl, remains a mystery to me.  It was close enough to “instigator” to make it stick…and trust me, her little brother is definitely an instigator. But it’s not a word we used  around her so she must have picked it up while overhearing a conversation and, quite properly I might, added it to her vocabulary.

And to ours…

Nuff said?

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